Q. Do you provide free quotes?

A. Yes all of our quotations are free.


Q. Do you provide quotes in writing?

A. All of our quotations are provided in writing.


Q. Are you FENSA Registered?

A. Yes we are, after the installation we certify the work we have completed and you receive your FENSA Certificate through the post.


Q. How do I know that the products are what you say they are?

A. All of our products are clearly marked by branding on protective films, stickers, stamps


Q. How do I know that you are providing the energy rating you say you are?

A. When we register the installation with FENSA we have to provide the product codes that relate to the products used to manufacture your items. FENSA then confirms the Energy Rating on your certificate


Q. Do you take deposits?

A. We do not take deposits on installations with a total value lower than £ 5,000.00


Q. How long do you guarantee your products?

A. Please see our Guarantee Page as different products have different life expectancies


Q. How long does it take to install a house full of windows and doors

A. A standard 3 bedroom detatched house will take 3 days to install.


Q. Does the quote include removal of waste (my old windows and doors)

A. We remove all waste included in the cost on the quote


Q. What happens if my plaster gets damaged when removing the old windows?

A. In the rare instance that there is no alternative way to remove the windows we will repair any plaster damage included within the cost on the quote


Q. Are you fully insured?

A. Yes we have bespoke insurance cover for installing every type of product we offer. Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Fascia and Orangeries. Please feel free to ask for a copy of our insurance policies.